Paigey just found this great website called Threadflip. It's where you can buy and sell clothes, and it's super user friendly. I'm in the process of setting up my closet right now, because I've been cleaning my room and finding tons of stuff I don't even wear anymore. Feel free to check it out, the link to my page is found below.

Katie's Closet

Happy shopping!


more on jessa

I'm sure I have some pictures of Jessa in one of my pinboards somewhere, but I decided to post a few of my favorites here in keeping with my Girls theme of the day and what not. She always has the most interesting jewelry/accessories/hairstyles/everything. I think the reason I'm so drawn to her character is her adventurous spirit. She can never stay in one place for too long and is always talking about all the countries she's been to. I think it'd be fun to live like that. 


dress like jessa

dress like jessa

Oh my God you're so hip I could puke.

I've been watching old reruns of Girls today. I pretty much just want to be Jessa, she's just so cool. This outfit was inspired by the one she was wearing in the pilot episode. 


freshmen on film

photos by Ryan Day and Paige MacCready

I had to.

1. WELCOME TO MOE'S: Ry makin burritos.
2. Me on Earth Day with a green tea latte wearing Free People everything and MK sunnies.
3. 227 Lyfe: Ry being sexy, featuring my wrist wearing his Timex.
4. Tucker and Cash slurpin spilled Floko off the floor. Waste not.
5. Me attempting to study art history after Ry gave me a thigh tatt. I think it was of a face eating a banana, and a heart saying 'I don't love cats'. 
6. Taylor, Paige, and Aidan on my birthday.
7. Briceson the gymnast. He's always upside down.
8. Just your everyday average fairy galloping through the park on a Sunday afternoon spreading love and joy. 
9. Me on a bench after telling Ry I loved him for the first time.
10. Aidan and his surfboard. They're basically inseperable.
11. More tatts by Ryan. 
12. The Inn Paradise, PCBFL: Room 207. 
13. Ry Ry makes me giggle. (Rainbow tank from Civvies).
14. Me and Ry on Tybee holla. 
15. Ryan's eating my face guys okay. This was before the Get Leid warehouse fiesta. 

So many fun times, so many memories. 

missin and reminiscin

I've been missing college a lot lately, so I dug up these iPhone and webcam pics from freshman year with the help of Paigey.

1. Spring Break: Panama City Beach, FL. It was a paint party; need I say more?
2. Ry's car: the six hour roadtrip back home to Sav. Sleepyheads.
3. Buzz Lightyear and Captain America, also known as Ryan and Katie. It was a superhero party.
4. Not sure where this was, but it appears I'm wearing Willie's shirt. And he's got on his 2Chainz beads.
5. Will and Paige and moi in 227 en route to D pool after Carlitos.
6. Me in front of some cool building we found on our way to get pierced at Planet 3.


sneak peek: downtown stuart

Featured: bokeh from the Roosevelt bridge, tables at the tiki bar at Key Lime Cafe, my favorite limeade, my wallet from Anthro, and the Nikon that Ry gave me. Stay tuned, film will be developed soon. (In which the quality will obviously be way better than that of my cell phone).


summery photo inspiration

all images from Studded Hearts

aztec healing clay

bee ring: ShopSCAD, nail polish: Nails Inc Leather in Noho, tank: 21Men

I found this clay powder under my sink today and forgot that I had bought it like a hundred years ago at the Vitamin Shoppe. It kinda has this cool pulsating effect, and it turns my face the color of my bathroom which is always entertaining. Wanna mix some up yourself? Here's how:

-2 Tbsp Indian Healing Bentonite Clay
-2 Tbsp Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

Mix together till all the clay gets wet. Add a little more vinegar if needed. Smear on face. You'll start to feel it dry; don't leave it on for more than ten minutes. Do five if you have super sensitive skin. To take it off, soak a washcloth in hot water and hold it to your face til it melts off. When it's all gone, moisturise with coconut oil.

stuff and things for a concert

stuff and things for a concert

So next week I'm going to see Sublime (slash 311 and Pennywise and Cypress Hill) with Alli and Kayla. Kinda pumped, so I threw together the obligatory concert collage. I just got above-pictured wallet tonight at work, and I really love it. Oh and I painted my nails with the "leather" stuff at Sephora today. I guess it's just comme ci comme ça. Kinda cool but not all it's cracked up to be. Kinda can't wait to put flowers in my hair (read in the tune of the Lumineers' song). 

my gdf kitchen endeavors: avocado toast

Before I write anything else, I'm gonna clear this up. I am not a celiac, nor do I have a serious gluten intolerance. I'm not allergic to gluten, as this is not even possible. I simply choose not to eat it because I feel better this way. Less stomach aches and more energy. Okay moving on with life.
*side note: gdf stands for gluten and dairy free. I'm making this a new hashtag of sorts.


You will need:
-two slices of Udi's gluten free white bread 
-one avocado
-Vegenaise (a delicious mayo alternative)
-sea salt flakes (Gwynnie uses Maldon salt from Williams Sonoma)

-toast bread
-spread with Vegenaise
-slice avocado and put it on top
-sprinkle a pinch of sea salt on each half 
-eat it and be amazed by the goodness

Fun fact, avocado is considered a super food because of all its healthful fats. Check out this article on Dr. Mercola's website if you're interested.


cloudy skies at stuart beach

T'was a rainy afternoon in the sailfish capital, but we got a few beach hours in regardless. Featuring Tyler Michael and Courtland being models, and Victoria Blaire being a goof.


room redecorating ideas

all photos from Free People and Winston's Instagram

My room in Florida looks pretty much exactly the same as it did ten years ago when I moved in here, and this needs to change. Since I don't live here at my parent's house year round, I'm not planning on doing anything too drastic. But I am in the midst of minimalizing and getting rid of junk. I really miss the hanging lights we used to have in our dorm, so I'm gonna put some up. Free People had a lot of cute home decor inspiration posts on their blog, so I gathered my favorites.