pizza wednesdays

So much pizza. All the time. Abby and Paige and Paige came over the other day and we ate tons of cheesy delicious things while watching The Dictator and doing homework. Gotta love college. Week two down; let the good times roll yo.


you know you're a cute little heart breaker

Me and Paigey went to Foxy Loxy for coffee the other day. I can't even put into words how happy I am to be home in Savannah. Life is so beautiful here, the people are so beautiful.
Paige's daisy ring is so cute, I think it was her grandma's or something. And also she's been wearing her childhood Aladin watch and various string bracelets from summer camps past. Cutie pie.

Photos by me, edited by her.



Today was my last day in Florida. Pas des soucis, there were no tears shed. I went to say goodbye to my little cousins Arden and Kiki and ended up watching them for an hour or so while my aunt went to the doctor. They wanted to play Littlest Pet Shop inside but I convinced them that going on a treasure hunt for rocks and flowers would be more fun. So we did.