meanwhile, back at the ranch

that was a lemony snicker line, meanwhile, back at the ranch. don't know how or why that popped into my head but it did so. cash is right I've gotta reread those books i loved them so so much. love how he would go off on these lengthy, descriptive, hilarious tangents and what not.
so meanwhile, back at the ranch, is a phrase which here means, "its been five months since katie decided to care about this blog thing and in this half of a year a lot has changed in her live so here it is in a nutshell".
actually, right now i should be doing pages in my illustration workbook but i don't feel like it. i tend to get a little reminiscent after midnight if I'm awake and alone, so i began sifting through old posts from mine and paige's blog. i felt sad and bitter and a little angry and sweet and happy and remembery all at once. life has changed so much. really, its been drastic.
most largely, friends. theres been a schism. a giant, deep, vast, endless, scary, dark chasm has formed between 35th street and west bull. i think there may have been a small crack when everyone returned in the fall after freshman year, but in 2014 the rift has split and sunk to incredibly painful depths. i really, genuinely, truly thought that the friends you make your freshman year of college are the be all end all and will be your absolute family for the rest of your life. turns out i was wrong. last year was just so great, that it took me literally all of this year to realize that we have to let go and allow things to shift the way they were meant to all along. theres a reason for the divide thats occurred. not for the ridiculousness and pettiness and angry words, that was just us being dumb teenagers. but we weren't meant to be stuck like glue for forever. if we didn't drift a little, there wouldn't have been room to grow and meet the new people that we've met. for instance, I've gotten to know kylie. we actually met years ago, but didn't become best friends until about january. for the last twenty weeks, she's taken on the role of my sister. my number one girl always by my side. getting into trouble, eating too much ice-cream, and having gallons of fun. however, i know in just a matter of weeks my routine will take a 180 and everything will be different and new all over again. this time I'm ready. I'm ready for summer, I'm going to be a summer seminar assistant. I'm sad about not seeing kylie until next january, but I'm beyond ready to leap into the unknown for the adventures to come.
this brings me to my final thought. adventure and travel. i have come to realize that it is 400 percent all that i want to do for the rest of my life. paint, create, travel, and adventure with ry and however many little ones God wants to give us. change used to be so hard for me, but it has only been in the past couple of weeks that I've realized that it can be really fun. I'm all about spontaneity, ry and i got in the car and went to atlanta recently just for 24 hours to hike stone mountain. maybe ill do a post on that if i actually get back into this blogging thing. it was incredible and a little bit life changing. our next adventure will be in europe starting in september. well be studying in lacoste france for 8 weeks, and i could not possibly be more excited. my heart is exploding. so much happy.
i think thats a good note to end this with, the happy at the end of the heartache. theres been a lot of hurt in the last twenty weeks, but also a lot of exciting changes. new friends, new places, new ideas, new new new. and for that I'm really grateful.