meet may z

This is our wittle baby May Z. She was named after Maisy Mouse, and Jay-Z respectively. Clever right. She loves her momma and daddy.
Oh and also this was the day I decided to wake up and be Miley. Hence the creature hair and sports bra.

Photos by Paige MacCready


bassnectar + dayzinn

Officially best birthday party I've ever attented. The concert was ridiculous. Our hotel was a little ratchet but.

Photos by Paige MacCready

haapy biirtday ca$h

Cash Money turned nineteen years young this weekend 

Photos by Paige MacCready


(vampire) weekend

(vampire) weekend

Weekend days mean coffee in your mug and brow gel on your face and Vampire Weekend on Pandora and doing sketchbook assignments in ripped up denim cutoffs. Hip hip (hooray). 


ry's plaid

Personal styyyyle yo. Pics by you guessed it. My homegirl PMac the one and only. Edited par moi.

1. Got bruises on my knees for you. Ha funny story...
2. I think this should be an advertisement. Just saying.
3. Go with the grain. This is my serious face.
4. Peace. And love.
5. When you walk dramatically it can sometimes appear that you have only one leg.
6. Fave shirt of Ry's ever.
7. They call us hipsters but I don't really know what that means. #artschool